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The 12th European Congress of Registrars took place on the revised dates of the 3 – 5 November 2022 at the Strasbourg Convention + Exhibition Centre.

L'organisation de l'ERC2022 bénéficie du soutien de la ville de Strasbourg et de la Région Grand Est, dans le cadre du fonds Culture du Contrat triennal 2021-2023 Strasbourg capitale européenne.

The organization of ERC2022 benefits from the support of the city of Strasbourg and the Grand Est Region, as part of the Culture fund of the 2021-2023 Strasbourg European Capital Three-Year Contract.

A message from the President of the ERC Committee


It is not too late to catch up and learn from Colleagues from the 2018 ERC Conference.

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22 years after the Second European Conference of Registrar held in Paris in November 2000, it is an anniversary that we celebrated together. This ERC allowed us to broaden the scope of our reflections on the professional challenges that we have to manage and for which we develop specific professional skills.

Our resilient capacity and our adaptation will have to be questioned and analyzed from a socio-professional point of view and through the working links that we have been able to maintain. The new normal, which is imposed on us, will have to be built on the memories of our old existences and link the global and the local.

The Future of Tomorrow

The FUTURE OF TOMORROW could not exist without taking action on sustainable development and being involved in the eco-responsibility of our industry. These responsibilities for the registrars and the heritage professionals with whom they work.

Those involved in presentation and conservation have to respond by creating agencies, specifics training in universities to train new generations of collection and exhibition managers.

Moreover, Registrars do not only work in museums or heritage institutions. They are present in art galleries, private foundations, and universities so as better meet the needs and requirements of a changing international scene.

Together, through the programming of this ERC, networking and opportunities to explore the city that we propose to you, analyze these challenges in the present and those, which wait for us!

We hope that you joined us during the conference, and also at the evening receptions that took place in Strasbourg, the capital that embodies the fundamental values of Europe (peace, democracy, human rights, dialogue between peoples). Listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site and rich in many institutions, Strasbourg proposes a diversified cultural offer and develops a lifestyle that we invite you to take part in.

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We would like to thank all our sponsors for their continued support toward ERC!